Romantic Book for Couples


Playful Journey for Couples
Marriage book for Christian Couples

Live Out the Passionate Marriage You Desire

Playful Journey for Couples is different from other couples bible studies because it focuses on a light hearted approach to enjoying your Christian marriage.

Playful Journey for Couples leads you and your spouse through a year of growing, loving, and laughing together that will last a lifetime.

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You will enjoy the conversations, activities and romantic dates in Playful Journey for Couples, the special intimacy with the Intimate Journey for Couples game and the encouraging ideas for your marriage in the eBook.

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Romantic Game

Flowers, champagne and glasses not included

Enjoy Greater Intimacy with Your Spouse

Romantic – Tasteful – Intimate

Play the game over and over with wonderfully sensual results. Intimate Journey for Couples is tasteful and focuses on sensuality… it does not have embarrassing pieces. You will love it!

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